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Shengzhou Ruiyu Lamination Co., Ltd. to create in 2000, is one specialized is engaged in various types electrical machinery to decide the dot rotor to flush the piece, the stator core, the enterprise which the cast-aluminum rotor makes. Located at the Shengzhou Changle Town Fuquan industrial park, the good communications, company area near 25000 square meters, the floor space 20000 square meters, in 2015 implement the sales revenue 150,000,000 Renminbi approximately. Is evaluated the municipal government key support nova enterprise.
The company has the electrical machinery special-purpose several pace surface two point closed type press and the great tonnage simple point closed type press; Has more than 10 high accuracy servo numerical control high speed notching press; more than 20 feed control numerical control punch press; Has the electrical machinery rotor pressure cast-aluminum special-purpose series vertical die-casting machine, at present the most greatly vertical die-casting machine is 500 tons. The set each category of special purpose equipment more than 200 sets, year blanking hot rolling dot cold rolling silicon steel plate's manufacturing capacity may amount to above 35,000 tons.
The company has the pure aluminum ingot dot alloy aluminum ingot intelligence chemistry analyzer, the silicon steel plate magnetic intelligence can examine the special-purpose meter as well as make the highly effective dot ultra highly effective electrical machinery iron core's vacuum annealing dot oxygen special-purpose stove; And special-purpose coating complete set of equipment and so on.
The quality control system cover product is: Y series (IP44) 80-355, Y the series (IP23)180-315, Y2 series (IP54) 63-355, YZ dot YZR series 132-355, YB dot YB2 series 80-355, YB3 series 63-355, YZTD series 180-250, YD the dot YH series 80-280, is divided horsepower series JW50-71, AO2 the series 50-90, NEX140-440 export highly effective special-purpose series, is developing the YBX3-355-560 medium high pressure highly effective electrical machinery to decide the dot rotor iron core, as well as has the special requirement electrical machinery to flush the piece, the stator core dot cast-aluminum rotor and so on.

The company according to GB/T 19001-2008idt the ISO9001-2008< quality control system - requirement > the standard control enterprise, insists “humanist, the quality first, the customer is supreme, the harmonious cooperation, creates the quality policy win-win” is an objective, introduces each category of professional, strengthens the enterprise self building, strengthens the staff to educate again, the Journal of Propulsion Technology development, develops the innovative spirit unceasingly vigorously, manages the factory legally, will create the glorious future.



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