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Will visit Shengzhou Deputy to the National People's Congress, “forever the space will flush the piece” Chairman Wei Yongliang

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          Yesterday morning, in was located in Changle Town's office, city Deputy to the National People's Congress Wei Yong was reorganizing the information good which the recent several day photography's picture and selected for writing.

  “everybody elects me is Deputy to the National People's Congress, is trusts me, I must fulfill Deputy to the National People's Congress's responsibility and the duty.”Although outside the window is fluttering the flurry, but Wei Yong in good office traces of spring abundant, a trough is in full bloom nearby the fresh flower in the office, but also many he accumulates speeds up advances the material which Zhongxin Town constructs.

  Wei Yongliang said that Zhongxin Town constructs, is one item involves to the aspects systems engineering, how to exert oneself to make has the vitality vigor, plays the radiation to eagerly anticipate the role truly regional Zhongxin Town, has heavy responsibilities. “very many matters are not the one day and one night are achievable, but we may begin now from the foundation, rams foundation which Zhongxin Town constructs.”Wei Yongliang said that had a good plan, had a good foundation, the success only then had the backer stone.

  “as soon as three modifies opens”, “five water altogether governs”, the valid investment, these are which Wei Yong good called the foundation which ram Zhongxin Town to construct, he hoped that the government must dare to take on practical, again. He said that since one year, the Changle Town party committee, the government have enlarged to the industrial district infrastructural facilities, the skull village improvement, has enlarged to the town domain in river course's cleaning up and the improvement, sped up the sewage pipe network's construction dynamics, the expanded valid investment, vigorously promotes the key project construction, has made the encouraging progress. “should in last year foundation, make a bigger breach this year.”Wei Yongliang said that the common people firm will support build the foundation which Zhongxin Town will construct, only then the foundation has been solid, Changle Town will make sheng west the small urban goal only then to implement.

  The Mt. Nan reservoir pays attention which in view of the populace interdicts to swim the question, Wei Yong good also has own ponder, he thought that may initiate by the government, uses the enterprise and the village builds the swimming pool facility the mode to solve common people's swimming difficult problem. “stops up is inferior sparsely, creates one for everybody to be possible rest and recreation's place, everybody will again not go naturally to the Mt. Nan reservoir to swim.”


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