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The attendance will practice “the internal strength” to press the development - - to come from forever the space to flush the piece to stay at a selected place the report

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    Will enter forever the space to flush the piece Limited company, reporter saw the workers will be being busy at the installation and trial run new device, in the workshop school of busy. This year comes, “forever the space will flush the piece” after the experience produces can expand, the new device introduction and so on a series of big movements, the enterprise development situation is gratifying. In October convenes in Switzerland the electrical machinery summit (MOTOR SUMMIT) on, third session of SEAD in the global ultra highly effective electrical machinery energy efficiency big game wins the gold medal in 3 serial products, 30% fittings will stem from “forever the space to flush the piece”.

  In recent years “forever the space will flush the piece” the development to be rapid, but depended upon the artificial traditional production model also to let it encounter “the growth worry”. Last year started, forever the space will flush the piece take to introduce the device, the strengthened control and so on as the principal means that through the computer substitution of players, practiced “the internal strength” to press the development industriously.

  “on the one hand the employing labor cost is getting higher and higher, on the other hand the enterprise incurs with difficulty to the skilled operator. The company thought that the introduction automatic equipment, replaces the man-power with the computer, this is also the means which compels.”After Chairman Wei Yongliang mentioned “the computer substitution of players” the change, beams from ear to ear. The company since has developed “the computer substitution of players” the work, invested 1000 ten thousand Yuan one after another. Now, the company raw material use factor enhanced 8%, the product qualified rate enhanced 9%, the original 1 working procedure needed 3 workers, now only needs 1 worker. More importantly, “the computer substitution of players” may also the quality assurance enhancement, now the staff, so long as manages well the computer to be possible, does not need to pass likely again worried equally which working procedure will make a mistake.

  Wei Yongliang said that because the company size is not big, very difficult to undertake to the domestic and foreign purchase sophisticated equipment's expense, now the company introduces the automatic equipment comes from the home completely, not only the price is relatively low, when needs two re-equipping and the debugging computer, the factory can provide the omni-directional technical guidance to train promptly with the staff.

  “the computer substitution of players” enabled the processing fabrication technology, the quality control and so on each aspect to obtain the very big promotion, will be “forever the space will flush the piece” to further develop has built the solid foundation. But the production line updates not only needs the device, needs a staff as soon as possible to the knowledge transformation, will otherwise limit the computer substitution of players dividend effect the display. “the corporate growth needs the `computer substitution of players' this visible hand strong impulse, staff's quality promotion also appears important especially.”Wei Yongliang told the reporters, started last year, the company specially invited Hangzhou the training lecturer, carried out in January 1 issue of topic training to the company staffs, and invited the professionals to lead the staff to discuss the technical question, has poured into more specialized ideas and the work fervor for the entire team.

  Meanwhile, the company to further standard control, but also has formulated the corresponding assessment criteria. If detected that has the staff to smoke, the product in the workshop does not place the standard and so on, will deduct the same month bonus. But if the staff no longer makes the similar error in the following three months, is buckled the bonus then to return. “the inspection is not a target, is only the company to practice the `internal strength', the standard control one method.”Wei Yongliang said.


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