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Forever the space will flush the piece: Throws thousands of Yuan again “the computer substitution of players”

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        in 2013 used in the investment which the automatic equipment upgraded surpassing 6,000,000 Yuan, will again throw this year also 12,000,000 Yuan impetus automations. “the `computer substitution of players' regarding us and other labor-intensive form's enterprise, the most actual solution question, is without doubt the `employing labor uncultivated land' and `controls difficultly'.”Mentions “the computer substitution of players”, the city forever the space will flush piece Limited company Chairman Wei Yong good to appraise like this.

  “forever the space will flush the piece” located at my city Changle Town, is one specialized is engaged in each type electrical machinery to decide, the rotor flushes the piece, the stator core, the enterprise which the cast-aluminum rotor makes, forms a complete set for the national 61% tower crane electrical machinery. Has created since 2000, the company must worry nearly every year for the recruiting of workers, but looking from these year employing labor situation, once let the company badly battered “the employing labor uncultivated land” not have the old times to be like that turbulent, this is to a great extent because forever the space will flush the piece “the computer substitution of players” the step to speed up makes great strides forward.

  Benefits in “the computer substitution of players”, forever the space will flush the piece to find enhanced the efficiency the wonderful move and deals lacks the labor the effective prescription. Compares some “do things recklessly” new staff, makes light of discomfort, bears the burden of responsibility “the robot” to be able to obtain company's favor. “every one day, I must emphasize the safety control nearly, requires the specialist to strengthen does an inspection securely, but `hundred dense' is always inferior to `one sparsely'.”Wei Yongliang said that in the Production workshop are such many heavy equipment, operates the worker, so long as does not pay attention, the consequence is inconceivable. Based on these considerations, the mechanization and the automation could be an irreversible tendency.

  Wei Yongliang did accounts, invests after this year 12,000,000 Yuan use in the automatic equipment upgrade, the workshop new device will add 50, will operate the worker to reduce originally to 2/3, will trade the year sales volume will add near 50,000,000 Yuan. He said that this is the direct dividend which “the computer substitution of players” brings, also feedbacked the enterprise modernization, the automated equipment enhances the labor productivity and the promotion traditional industry core value.

  Certainly, while enlarges “the computer substitution of players”, Wei Yong good also pays great attention worker's quality promotion, he thought when is the device purchases the selection, after purchases the debugging, the use and the routine maintenance, need talented person this essential factor, “only then the comprehensive lift technique talented person's professional skill, the `computer substitution of players' only then as for not to pause in the surface, only will then give the enterprise the new life strength.”


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